River Management

Thanks to the guys for tuning up for the work party this morning in what turned out to be an absolute roaster of a morning.

About half way there ,time for a break and a team picture.

Russell just after he went on his neck,and Bungo kidding on he didn’t see it with John who really didn’t see it at the rear.



Tony Bungo and John the pathfinder away out front.



Bungo wishing he had brought the right harness for the strimmer.


Davy (I’ll carry all the gear) John and Russell


Once again thanks to all the guys.

The next scheduled clean up is on 24th June at 10 o’clock at Grayfriars meeting at the Golf range.

If you have gloves bring them along anyone that wants too bring there own stuff is more than welcome thanks

We had a clean up this morning in preparation for this Saturdays opening day.

There was a fair bit of cutting back



A set of steps were dug out to assist access for the first cast.





Big Rab done some strimming ,we also collected several bags of litter.

Thanks to Big Rab,Tony,Ricky,Davie,Bungo ,Wullie and Alan


Our river Manager ,Ricky,Rab and Davie were out this morning putting up signs in the Cambuslang and Astra Pool area.


Thanks to the guys for their work getting these signs up.