The new Mid Clyde Angling Association website was published on 14th May 2014

The Applicaton Forms are up on the  Permits Page

Day permits will be available from 11th February from the permit outets ,please all day permit holders are required to submit a catch return back to the Association,you will be supplied with a returns form when you get your day permit,fill it in and send it to the address on the form or on line HERE

Guidance from Marine Scotland for anglers during the Coronavirus 


From this season you will be required to submit Rod Fishing Effort along with your Catch Returns, Rod Fishing Effort is the amount of days fished in the season, even if you only fish for an it counts as one day. 

The permit download has a rough grid that you can use and submit along with your Catch Return in October, the on line Returns form will have a similar grid.

More information on Rod Fishing Effort Here

The committee would like to thank all the contributers and members for their coninued support throuout this trying year and managing to raise £1500 for our  charity CHAS .The Secretary recived a card in the post just before Christmas.


Out of the 131 members this season we only received 67 comlpeted catch returns, only half bothered to fulfill their legal requirement to and send in their returns

As we won’t be able  to have an agm due to the restrictions the same fine as last year for those who failed to return applies, and as agreed at the 2019 agm if you fail to submit your returns for two years in a row you will not be eligible for a permit the following season.