Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing Rules


Fishing from 11/02/2022 till 31/10/2022(Catch and Release only)

1.Members will be permitted to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout between 11th February and 31st October, both dates inclusive except when they fall on a Sunday.

2.Please note ,it is illegal to take coloured fish and all hen fish to be returned from 1st September.

3.No fishing for Salmon /Sea Trout from midnight on Saturday until midnight on Sunday.

4.Worming will be allowed with barbless hooks only from 1st may till 31st October, your rod must be held at all times as ledgering is prohibited for Salmon/Sea Trout.

5.No member to be in possession of a gaff or similar instrument, or treble hooks larger than size 4 in conjunction with a permitted bait. Strictly no no Prawns,Shrimps,fish paste or power bait to be used. The use of lead core lines is strictly prohibited ,no set lines, lying in ledgering for salmon or sea trout .

6.Spinning with lures but only with one treble hook which has to be no larger than size 4 per lure. Salmon fly no trailing treble.

7.During the month of October fishing is restricted to one hour before dawn and ceases one hour after dusk.

9.Anglers will approach the river by recognised routs only and will close all gates and will bind themselves not to damage property.

10.The lighting of fires is strictly prohibited, no angler to be accompanied by a dog /dogs.

11.Permits to be shown to water bailiffs on request.

12.No litter or discarded tackle to be left in or near the river, it’s an offence under the litter act and many small birds and animals die each year entangled in discarded tackle.

13.The Association will not be responsible for any members personal equipment, vehicles or contents of said vehicles.