The Future


At Mid Clyde Angling Association, we realise the privilege we have, in angling on an up and coming local Salmon fishery on our doorstep that allows reasonable salmon fishing to all at a fair cost.

The committee are dedicated to improving and maintaining to the best of our abilities and means this fishery, for all and we hope our members are as well.

This is a section on things we see as important, and will add to as we get more articles or projects.


We are looking at the habitat of two of our smaller accessible (to fish) tributaries before tackling the big one, the North Calder Water. These are the Newton burn and the Park/ Wellshaw system.

Park/ Wellshaw System (just d/s Bothwell Bridge) We are trying to bring a bit of joined up thinking to a South Lanarkshire woodland project. There have been 3separate elements to the Woodland Burn Valley project with 3 rangers and 3 separate woodland community groups involved. Backmuir ; Gleenlee and Udston; Earnock and Neilsland Woodland Groups. They are however all part of one burn system.

We were contacted by GUWG regarding a problem with pollution in the Park burn MCAA. They were gratified with the enthusiasm of the group who had even done some instream survey work on fly life. We are now trying to get a joined up approach to the whole Park /Wellshaw system of which these 3 woodland remnants are an integral part of the burn system and will certainly support small brown trout populations at their upper ends. Sadly they are interrupted by long culverts and it’s fair to say some substantial but perhaps now historic pollution at the lower end, once cleaned up could provide habitat for migratory fish. We look forward to a joint meeting with all interested parties in the near future.

The Newton Burn (opposite the top of the Carmyle Beat) may also be a promising though short tributary in future, once house building operations cease. Again sadly a long culvert would preclude fish using the whole burn but it should support a few trout in its upper reaches and the bottom end might have some promising habitat in future. Unfortunately it’s not the case just now.


Another major threat to our stocks. Baillifs are voluntary but key in trying to police the River, in threats to the stocks from illegal fishing, members not angling to club rules an onerous task, but it has to be done to preserve and improve Salmon stocks of the system.

Do not approach them and endanger your safety, please report immediately.

We are always looking for help and assistance and please rather than criticize where the baliff’s are, put your name forward even for association baliff, or even just to help in background.


We have a new River Manager, and a list of names of people who wish to do river maintenance. More volunteers are required and any help would be greatly appreciated.

The work will be very varied from bank maintenance to stock improvement work. Basically anything that will improve our fishings, and the habitats to help the stock improve and prosper.

There will also be food and refreshments supplied to all who participate.


We are currently looking at various tributaries within our fishing’s and the main river, and have commissioned surveys of these to identify problems and works to improve access to fish and allow them more available areas to regenerate. We can hopefully use our working parties to work on these long term tasks but we feel very beneficial.

One dedicated member Kemp Meikle (a retired civil engineer), keeps an eye on a lot of this. From checking planning permission applications ,if third parties complying with the law and not polluting our environment.

Hydrology studies i.e. are water users misusing water abstracted from Clyde and tributaries using this efficiently and not over abstracting critical for juveniles in tributaries for survival, even studying the tidal weir to make sure it is not obstructing the passage of Salmon, and allowing seals to decimate stocks.


These are imposed as fish can be held up at these points in certain river flow conditions, and need sanctuary from anglers etc, it is strictly forbidden to fish at these points. Members and day ticket anglers can lose their right to fish the river and fishing in these areas is illegal, which can lead to prosecution.


We fully support projects to introduce young anglers and anyone interested in being introduced into the sport,we have an under 13 season permit available for £1 along with an adult season permit.