A Quick Guide to Grayling Fishing

Each fish in the water is different, and one of the tough ones to fish for is the Grayling. Popularly known as the “Lady of the Stream,” their unique oversized sail-like dorsal fins are a thing of beauty. This freshwater fish can really give a tough fight when hooked by trying to corkscrew. Grayling is a highly regarded fish and is one of the top four preferred game fish. Due to their tendency to rise to catch dry flies, the Grayling is one of the favourites among fly fishers. Grayling love clean and oxygenated water and prefer a water that is slightly alkaline, hence these fish can be found in the chalk or limestone streams and gravel bed rivers.
Well if you are hooked on Grayling fishing, we have something interesting for you. Check out this detailed info graphic below which gives all the necessary information you need to know about Grayling such as the best time of the year to fish for Grayling, their spawning period, their behaviour in different seasons, and the different types of flies that can be used in different seasons to attracts the Grayling towards it, and a lot of tips on what to do and what not to do. Please go through the info-graphic and hopefully it will help you understand the nature of Grayling and strike better opportunities at Grayling fishing.
Thanks to Suzanne from  Barbless Flies .