The Zonkey: A modern take on the monkey with a rabbit zonker wing, eyes and a resin head

Tying the Fly

Medium guideline tubing is put in vice and white thread is tied in and wound to rear of tube,Pearl tinsel and white floss are tied in the white thread wound back to the start.

Wind down body of flat white floss then overlay with pearl tinsel and tie off at original start position.

Cut the white thread away.

Bug bond and uv powder on paper or tile are mixed together and then applied as a nice even coat all over the previously formed body.

The bug bond is cured with the uv torch from the kit (Please don’t shine the light in your eyes or in the eyes of others).

A small medical cleaning swab is wiped over the cured bug bond allowed a second or two to dry then clear varnish applied to provide a deep finish .

Black thread is attached and a black zonker strip tied in some pearl mirage flash tied in and laid over wing. A pair of jungle cock eyes are tied in.

Next an ostrtch spey hackle is tied in, and wound on using the doubling method.

The tube has been removed cut and heat burred then put back in vice.

Stick on dome eyes have been fitted with bug bond applied all over. Allow a bit more underneath to counter balance wing which will absorb water and can cause fly to swim up side down.

Cure bug bond with uv torch repeat wipe with small medical swab,wait a minute then varnish to complete.



Guideline large clear tubing


White and black uni 8/0 or similar


White floss.Pearl and mirage tinsel,uv powder.bug bond uv resin clear varnish


Black .rabbit zonker strip with pearl mirage strands over jungle cock eyes for cheeks


Ostritch spey hackle


Domed stick on eyes and uv cure bug bond and varnish

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