The Kids


After some discussion with a few members, we felt there was a need to try and introduce youngsters into angling. A few of us got together, organised a hall for some fly-tying classes, for kids and members, to find out what kind of interest there would be.

There were a few reasons for this. We enjoy fishing, and there are a lot of aspects around fishing that has gave us refuge from some of the pressures of life. We also realised that the Clyde was an up and coming river with a great future, and we wouldn’t be there, or fit enough in years to come to develop and protect this valuable resource and asset to the community. So we felt if we can give something to youngsters, some of whom had never fished, and try and share as well as help existing members it may just work, and many people may benefit


We found a hall in the east end of Glasgow, Broomhouse Community Centre and every Thursday evening we meet at 7.30 pm.

Since February we have been working with kids from the local community, teaching them to tie basic flies, it is a slow process and a lot of patience is needed but we are getting there. We also have adult members coming along to learn, as well as just have a night talking on fishing and sharing experiences. The evening usually ends up with a couple of fly tying demonstrations.


A very basic understanding of entomology has been given to the kids, on basic insect names and identification using an electric microscope with a small quiz and prize, many thanks to Mr James Delaney for this.


The caretaker for the hall, Davie, sourced fly rods, reels, and lines for the kids out of his own pocket. Many thanks to Davie and Mary.

Mr Billy Silvonia has come along regularly. Billy is a qualified instructor and has been teaching the kids how to cast and some are very good. He is superb and very patient with the kids. Many thanks to Billy.


On a couple of occasions we have managed to get the kids on Stillwater, and rivers, where new found skills have been tried and most of all there ambition to catch a fish has been achieved, and it has been worth every minute.


In the spring the kids helped with stocking some brown trout into the Clyde, and further to this we are hoping to get them involved in helping from stripping adults and raising eggs right through to eventual release of fish they have been working with from the beginning.