The Stan Bryson

I received an email from a Evelyn Scotcher  on February 15th saying that sadly her brother (Stan Bryson) passed away in December and her and her family were clearing his house and found an unbelievable amount of feathers and fly tying materials she went on to say that her brother had a small business called Killbaits hence all these feathers.As well as trout fishing on the Clyde, generally around Thankerton, he also fished for salmon all over Scotland but his main territories were the Tweed and Spey .

She then went on to ask if our Fly Tying Club be interested in these materials as it would be better going somewhere where it could be used instead of getting thrown out .I emailed her back and arranged to pick it all up on the Sunday morning.On arriving I could not believe the amount of stuff there was,including five large suitcases full of feathers and thousands of hooks in single double and trebles in different sizes,and took it to the Fly Tying the Next Thursday evening and went through it with the other guys, unbelievably all the feathers and capes etc were either individually sealed in plastic bags or in individual envelopes and marked with what was inside them ,there was tools,vices, flies,lines, brooch pins, rods far to much to itemise but all in all a fantastic lifetimes collection.

One of the suitcases full of feathers and capes.

Since then his daughter has been in touch with more information about her dad.

“Hi. My name is Shona Bryson. I understand you recently were given a HUGE amount of my dad’s  materials that he collected over the years. I’m delighted that it is getting put to good use. I remember being a little girl and Stan sitting at his desk tying flies. He used to supply a small tackle shop in Grantown On Spey. He also made his own fishing rods. I have his 17 foot rod now in my house – he named it Big Bertha. He taught my mum to fish and somehow they both managed to get their photo on a postcard of Grantown On Spey which was in the shops in Grantown and surrounding areas for ears after”

The post card

“The river Tweed was also an important place to him and he and his friends spent many happy times fishing there. The river Tweed also nearly killed him nearly 40 years ago though as his line hit overhead power cables and from then on he would put lightning stickers on his rods and any rods he made as a warning”.

I decided to ask John Clark to tie a modern Salmon fly in honour of Stan using some of the materials donated to the club by his family and as he never really supported a football team but sometimes cheered on Motherwell Football Club the colours of the fly had to be Claret and Amber, but unfortunately even with all the materials donated  John couldn’t get the colours right and had to use some of his own materials .

I also asked Ian Taylor who ties all kinds of flies including Classic flies if he could tie a couple of Classics with the same theme on two of the brooch pins ,I will add  pictures of them when they are finished.

Shona and the rest of the family are happy with the name of the fly.

THE STAN BRYSON ( Modern version)

Hook   Patriot size 8 Gold   Tying thread Uni-Thread Red 8/0.

Tag and Rib  Venus Gold French Tinsel.

Tail  Claret and Amber buck Tail mixed,Red Sparkle Angel Hair.



Body ( Back)  Gold Holographic Tinsel.

Body ( Front ) Claret Floss Silk.

Wing   Golden Pheasant Dyed Claret and Red Sparkle Angel Hair.

Hackle   Sunburst Yellow Cock Hackle.

Hackle  Red Cock saddle.

The Head was finished with the tying tread,a coat of Super Glue was applied then varnished when dried.




I would like to thank Shona and her family for the donation in what must  have been a hard time for all of them,and hopefully they will like the fly tied in honour of their family member.

Also thanks to John Clark for designing and tying “The Stan Bryson”

Tight Lines.