Stan Bryson

I received an email from a Evelyn Scotcher  on February 15th saying that sadly her brother (Stan Bryson) passed away in December and her and her family were clearing his house and found an unbelievable amount of feathers and fly tying materials she went on to say that her brother  had a small business called Kilbaits hence all these feathers.As well as trout fishing on Clyde, generally around Thankerton,  he also fished for salmon all over Scotland but his main territories were the Tweed and Spey .

She then went on to ask if our  Fly Tying Club be interested in this materials.I emailed her back and arranged to pick it all up on the Sunday morning,on arriving I could not believe the amount of stuff there was,including five large suitcases full of feathers and thousands of hooks in single double and treble, and took it to the Fly Tying the Next Thursday evening and went through it with the other guys, unbelievably all the feathers and capes etc were either individually sealed in plastic bags or in individual envelopes and marked with what was inside them ,there was tools,vices, flies,lines, rods  far to much to itemise but all in all a fantastic  lifetimes collection.We decided that our tying club could never use all of these materials and I asked Evelyn if it would be okay to donate some to other clubs which she agreed was a great idea,so some was given to FILL IN AND FILL IN

One of the suitcases full of feathers and capes.

There was a box of broach pins and I asked John if he could design a new Salmon fly using Stan’s material from hook right through to his varnish and tie it onto two of the broach pins , one for his sister and one for his daughter and call it the “Stan Bryson” which he agreed to do