Silver Stoats Tail

The Silver Stoats Tail: Elegance and simplicity

Tying the Fly

Black thread is wound on hook and a silver tag tied in at rear of hook.

A tail is tied in using golden pheasant topping, and flat silver tinsel is tied in.

Flat tinsel is wound up the body in touching turns, followed by an oval silver rib in an opposite spiral to tinsel, both are tied off.

The tip is removed from a soft black hen hackle and tied in by the stalk, then slowly pull the stalk to shape and align hackle to the desired profile under the hook.

Hackle shown when the hook is upright, when the hackle is tied in place trim away waste.

Black dyed squirrel is placed on top of hook and tied in as wing, when happy with wing trim away waste.

A neat head has been formed whip finished and varnished, showing the completed fly. (Note the small gap on hook shank from eye to head to allow turle knot to bed in securely.