Shumakov Tube


Shumakov Tube: Versitility in a single fly

Tying the Fly

The grooved channels have been filled with black fly tying varnish, you can use model paint tying thread, in the colours you want.

Quickly with a piece kitchen towel clean any surplus varnish/paint away from body repeat step’s 2 and 3 until satisfied. You can put coats of clear varnish on to finish.

A different shumakov tube showing the desired look, this is the bottle type that you tie directly on the metal body. The type I use you tie on to the liner.

The selected tube is slid over the liner and fitted to your vice. In this method of tying I always tie using a 5mm skittle tube to help form the wing shape (tear drop). Some pearl green olive and gold angel hair is tied in.

Fox is brushed out to provide a fine crinkly open under wing.

Yellow fox under wing tied in and some Firefox peacock angel hair tied in.

A longer wing of black fox that has been brushed out to remove under fur is tied in along with some more firefox peacock angel hair.

Jungle cock cheeks are tied in along with a yellow and black hen hackle, by the tips.

The yellow and black hen hackle are wound together as a blended hackle using the doubling technique and tied off. Then create a head with your thread and tie off with hackle set in your desired position.

The fly is removed from the vice the tube cut 2 to 3mm from thread then burr the plastic tube over with a heat source/flame.

The finished fly with two to three coats of varnish on head.

The tube has been removed cut and heat burred then put back in vice.