Opening day 2020

Saturday  15th February  Carmyle Bowling club

The procession was piped to the river by Mr John Clark.

Where our new chairman Alistair Hughes gave a short speech thanking everyone for their attendance,he also thanked John McLean and Alex Queen who have retired from their duties as Chairman and Treasurer.

Our new Vice Chairman Garry Drummond presented our guest with a permit for his for helping us open the river aand having the fist cast of 2020.

John Mclean blessed the water.

Our guest Mr Gary Scott from LTS did the honors and had the first cast marking the opening of the season.

The committee would like to thank Gary,all the members and non members who attended,Piper John Clark,The Carmyle Bowling Club for the use of their facilities one again and Anna for letting us take over her kitchen.

Tight Lines