Octopus Fly


Tying the Fly

With a lighter heat burr extra small tube.

Insert plain end in rear of medium tube, pull through until small bump is 3 to 4mm from front of medium tube as shown.

The tube is mounted in the vice thread is caught on and wound to rear, leaving enough free tube to allow the shank of your choice of hook to be inserted. A tag of pearl mirage is tied in followed by a butt made of black litebrite and a orange flouro fibre tail, the flouro fibre is shaved to a taper from underneath to create all different lengths.

The body is now created, the rear half is gold flat braid and the front half is black literate dubbed very tight but heavy and tapering back to flat braid.

An orange badger hackle is tied in and wound back to rear of fly, the gold rib is wound up through hackle and secures it in place.

The wing is now formed in flat tapering layers using fox fur, each wing layer is brushed out to remove under furs before tying flat on tube and allow to work round top half of tube. Each Wing layer is tied in longer than the previous wing, aim for a translucent wing that you can see colours showing through along with the flash you have placed between the layers. Tie in some orange angel hair first, followed by shortest under wing of orange fox, put layer of even mix of orange, copper and rusty olive angel hair, evenly spread over orange wing. Next tie in the fiery ginger foxtail again brushing out underfur, tie over orange wing and allow to come down to sides of tube, but let underwing show through, and ensure wing is longer than below, You can brush the wing with old toothbrush to help blend hair and fibres when tied in.

Five fibres are cut from a peacock eye and tied in to surround and provide veil over full wing, two jungle cock eyes are then tied in, one on each side.

A black ostrich hackle is now wound on in front of the wing, use doubling technique to tie in.

An orange grizzly marabou hackle is now wound on and a small gold turbo cone placed on tube, the thread is whipped off small dab of waterproof superglue put on thread only and cone slide up tight and held in place for couple of seconds allow glue to set.

The tube is removed from the vice and cut about 3 to 4 mm in front of cone then heat burr the plastic down to butt up against cone using a lighter.

Two pictures of the finished fly.



Extra small & medium tubing material.


Yellow 12/0 bennechi.


Pearl mirage.


Black dubbed litebrite.


Orange fluro fibre.


Rear half gold flat braid, front half black dubbed litebrite, palmered orange badger hackle, rib med oval gold or gold mini flat braid.


Orange and fiery ginger fox fur blended with orange, copper and rusty olive angel hair, topped with peacock eye fibres and finished with jungle cock eyes, along sides.


Black ostrich then dyed orange grizzly marabou, small gold turbo cone in front.