Non Returns 2018

This season past only 115 out of 166  members fulfilled their obligation which they signed for when they applied for their season permit and sent us their catch returns,some of our members have had their permit for years and have never sent one in.

At the Agm on Wednesday 19th December this was discussed and the following was approved by the attending members.


Your failure to send in your catch returns will cost you an extra £20 which will go to our chosen charity for the season 2019,failure to pay this amount will mean you will not get a permit for a period two years or until you pay the £20


If you have failed to send them in for the last two years will mean you will be refused a permit for two years and still have to pay the £20 (or the appropriate fine at the time) on your next permit.

These returns are needed in order for the association to monitor the system and Marine Scotland need them to set the appropriate category for the system.


The names and permit numbers of the 51 who this season failed to send in returns on time.


115                    Andrew O’Brien

124                    Alistair McKenzie

144                    Alec Cunningham

152                    Andrew Wallace

165                    Alex McLaughlan

82                       Billy Henderson

97                       Barry Cranistoun

103                     Charlie Dunn

137                     Charles Kilday

167                     Christopher Cook

15                       Douglas Small

109                     Derek Gillespie

118                      David Cartedge

120                      Danny McSwain

134                      David McAlpine

92                        Edward Lloyd

136                      Frank Lumsden

153                      Francis Ward

106                      Gavin Anderson

117                      George Weir

155                     Gemma Ramsay

105                      Gary Tennent

43                        Hugh Wilson

107                      Harry Nolan

57                        Ian Docherty

149                      Ian McBride

136                      Ian Irons

9                          John McBride

54                        James Young

70                        Jim Forrest

139                       Joe Haze

159                       Jamie McCuloch

83                         Keyen O’neil

30                         Maurce Heuston

135                       Martin  Cunnings

156                       Malcolm Ross

18                         Owen McGuinness

138                       Paul Robertson

21                         Robert Lucas

75                         Robbie Simson

33                        Stewart Waddell

46                        Sean Codde

60                        Stephen Blackwood

74                        Scott Gillon

161                      Stewart Thomson

112                      Scott Lawrence

37                        Thomas Clements

73                        Thomas O’Donnell

84                        Thomas Schofield

36                         William Girvan

166                       Zak McDougall