The presentation


Sunday 9th September

Ian Taylor and myself had hatched out a plan months ago to show some appreciation to Shona and her family for their kind donation to the fly tying club.Part of the plan was to hold a fly tying competition based on  tying this FLY and one of the entrants own design and ask the family to come along, judge the entries and present the winners with the prizes at the Broomhouse Community Hall, where we hold  the fly tying on Thursday nights . What the family didn’t know was that we had also planned a presentation after the judging with two Classics tied by Ian on two brooch pins based on colours that were related to Stan ,one for his sister Evelyn and one for his daughter Shona ,but as you may or not know the competition had to be cancelled because there was only a couple of tiers who were up for the task,  which was a bit disappointing,but we decided we had to carry on with the presentation anyway.


The Brooch Pins Tied by Ian Taylor



Stan’s sister Evelyn and his daughter Shona.

Shona has her pin in place.


Shona and her aunt were also presented with  flowers and chocolates,and Shona’s daughter was given a gift card. We gave Mary the caretaker at the hall flowers and chocolates for all her help she has given the fly tying club over the years and for opening up the hall for us on a Sunday morning. Shona’s uncle was also given a bottle of whiskey.

Mary the caretaker

MCAA fly tying members



We also had  tea,coffee and the usual Mid Clyde eats.

Thanks to the guys for setting up the tables and cleaning up when we had finished.

Unfortunately due to ill health Ian could not attend and sent his apologies.

We would like say a massive thanks to Ian and wish him a speedy recovery .

Ian did have something else in mind for the family but that will need to be for another time when he is back on his feet again.

If you fancy coming along to the club please feel free, we have all the tools and an unbelievable amount of tying materials and hooks.The club is open to everyone, accomplished tier or novice.We also an occasions put up rods and have a casting practice on the grass behind the hall,or even if you just fancy coming along and have a blether with the guys, you are more than welcome.

More info HERE

Also thanks to Strachan Craft Butchers for the donation of the pies and sausage rolls and Barry Douglas Bakery for the cakes.

Tight Lines.