The new MCAA Website was published at 19.00 17/05/15

We have only had seven responses from members about the on line application form.

Can you please let us know if you would  use this option or not, you can  find it HERE it only takes seconds I have removed the required email address field in case this is putting you off




That’s another fish caught today


Well done to Barry McGuigan


Due to unforeseen circumstances the draw for the raffle had to be cancelled,it will now take place on 11th June.

Prizes and winners will be published here soon after that date.


We are looking into the option of online application forms.

Please add yes or no to the form HERE,we need to know how many members would use this option to find out if it would be viable as it will take a bit of work getting the forms ready .

Payment would be made through PayPay and a photograph would need to be uploaded before submission of the form to us.

Postal applications will still be available.


MCAA  Admin

We would like to ask all members and day ticket holders to read through ALL the rules on their permits,and Brown Trout fishers please note there is no spinning for Brown Trout allowed as per the permit and permit page on here.


Last month we released 200  14 inch Brown Trout in three different locations

Thanks to the two Rabs for lending a hand.



That’s the first fish for reason 2017 14 lb covered in lice.


Well done to Tam Riley

The fish was returned.

Any anglers wishing to purchase a Salmon season permit should do so now as they are selling fast.