The new MCAA Website was published on 12th May 2014

Just had a phone call from Sandy (Treasurer) who said that Gordon from Hooked In Scotland had phoned him to say that a guy had phoned him ( Gordon ) to see if he was open as he read on the website that the shop had closed down ,I phoned Gordon and he said that the shop has been empty with only three customers yesterday and two the day before,I told him that the shop is still on the Permit outlets on the website,he said it was posted on a Clyde Facebook page .Just to let everyone know that Hooked In Scotland is still open for businesses no matter what you read on other FB groups.

We have received another letter from   CHAS

One of our Bailiff’s has found a Trout net at Grayfriars.

If it’s yours or you know who it belongs to please get in touch with us Here

And we will arrange to get it back to the owner.


The Trout season is now closed,if you have purchased a season Brown Trout permit you are still able to fish for Grayling and Coarse fish until 14th March 2020.

We are holding our last casting day for this season,it will be on Sunday 6th October 11.30 am at Grayfriars weather and water height permitting.

Our total raised for  Chas this year was £1500 ,this was done by selling raffle tickets,a donations box at opening day and donations.

The committee would like to thank everyone who helped raising this sum for a great cause.

Below is a letter received from the charity.


We recently heard of a project to breach blockages in the river Nethan to aid the passage of migratory fish and open up further miles of spawning ground and decided to donate £1000 in an aid to help with this initiative.

We received the letter below.