The Jambo: A surface sea trout fly

Tying the Fly

The amnesia is passed through the eye around the base of the bend and back out the opposite side of the eye.

The amnesia is bound down with thread and the flat braid tied in wound on treble and tied off.

The carrier hook is put in the vice, and the amnesia has been twisted (note don’t twist the hook, twist the nylon). The flying treble is tied in and bound down, the tags bound over and tied down.

Flat Braid is tied in and bound down to about 1/3 of rear shank.

Flatbraid is tied in and 1 strand of mirage and 1 strand of crystal flash tied in, and then doubled over.

Black squirrel is tied in as a wing and flash material is trimmed.

Start applying deer hair a bit at a time allowing it to flare round hook and compact.

All the deer hair has now been tied in. This was four clumps which were packed using thumb fingers and a deer hair brassie, a small hollow rigid tube which slips over eye will suffice.

Hook inverted. Trim bottom of deer hair flat.

Trim remainder of deer hair, it doesn’t have to be perfect as its a floating pattern and the rougher on top the higher it will float.

Carrier hook is put in pliers and bend cut away.

Completed jambo.