Coarse Fishing On Mid Clyde

Cunnigar Loop Match Fishing Group

Many thanks to Any Boans for sending in this report.

Hopefully the group will continue sending regular reports into us.


Draft Portfolio “Cuningar Loop competitive and pleasure angling venue”


As anglers we are always committed to the welfare of our natural environment, resident flora and fauna and habitat quality. As such we have observed, during this project, a return to the area of Kingfisher, Heron, Blackbird and Thrush, Yellow wagtail, Wren and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Mammals such as Roe Deer, Badger and Fox have also increases in population, favoring the cleared glades and access to drinking water. Instances where deer stand and graze at leisure behind anglers and Kingfishers using rods as fishing perches are not uncommon and a joy to behold. Other benefits include a significant reduction in the feeding behavior of ecosystem threats such as unmanaged piscivorus avine species during smolt migration and other aquatic species breeding regimes and a notable absence of Mink.

The main aim however is to develop the access to the river as this area is arguably one of the most prolific Roach and Dace, Spring/Summer venues in the UK. So far we have created much interest from both local anglers wishing to learn new skills and their families who regularly visit and seem to revel in the atmosphere and beauty of this urban escape, only 10 minutes from the city’s center and non locals as far as Yorkshire, who are planning regular visits during our proposed open competitions during next Spring and Summer. We now have a base of 20+ regular anglers, 12 younger enthusiasts and countless visiting anglers all wanting to get involved and hoping to catch some of the quality Roach and Dace available and eager to feed.

We are hoping to bring the once competitive element of match fishing back to the river, inspiring the younger generation and benefiting local economic well being as a value. The possibility of hosting an international event is a serious option with further development and as the Irish tourist board have found, festivals and tournaments have created major opportunities for local businesses and promotional development. Scotland is renowned the world over for its angling resources and these are treasured assets worth maintaining sustainably.

Proposed “English” closed season open competitions:

River Clyde, (Cuningar Loop) Closed season Open Match proposed dates.

First closed season open matches will begin next year with limited numbers due to 1st and 2nd section development. We have considered the constraints and feel 2 sections of 15 anglers would be viable and provide a fair competitive environment and hopefully put all competitors on fish. This series will remain flexible within pegging positions (2 meters either side of pegging position) due to access and substrate conditions which we hope to sort out over winter. Obviously with this being our first series of opens discretion and common sense takes precedence and safety is our main concern. This is a spate river and levels can come up fast making conditions unfishable so if booked in be aware of short notice cancellations. 



Times (fish from)

April 5th  2020

Cuningar Loop (pegs 10-40)

+/-11:00 hrs (5 hours)

April 19th 2020

Cuningar Loop (pegs 5-35)

+/-11:30 hrs (5 hours)

May 3rd 2020

Cuningar Loop (pegs 1-30)

+/-12:00 hrs (5 hours)

May 17th 2020

Cuningar Loop (pegs 1-15/25-40)

+/-12:30 hrs (5 hours)

May 31st 2020


+/-13:00 hrs (5 hours)

June 7th 2020


+/-13:00 hrs (5 hours)

June 14th 2020


+/-13:00 hrs (5 hours)


Due to limited places anglers on a first come first served basis will receive places although please inform us asap if you are not attending so as others can be notified.  Although this is not a big prize event this first year, we are hoping that the presage coveted by natural venue anglers will be sufficient incentive and obviously pools and places paid are open to discussion.   Contact Andy 07884940935 or Jeff 07792378749 leaving Name and contact number.

Meet and draw.

Meeting at “Cuningar Loop” car park or possibly “The Wee Mill” pub where we are arranging for breakfast then draw, times to be updated closer to events. This publication is the initial press release and subject to updates as the matches draw near and I will give all concerned a heads up as this occurs.

General rules.

1, No game fish, pike or eels to be kept or weighed. Please return these fish as quickly and as safely as possible.

2. Anglers must hold a valid “Mid Clyde AA” permit. (£7.00 day or £25.00 season or migratory species ticket). We are looking  to negotiate a concession on this for the first 4 matches for non local anglers.


3. Limited to 4kg of groundbait. No artificial lures and no bloodworm or joker. (you won’t need it).

4. Barbel and Carp to be weighed and returned directly.

5. Anglers rescued from bobbing down the river are not to be returned however cannot be weighed in. Our scales are not big enough.

Some general guidance.

Due to the nature of the river, most sections fished in the past 20 years have bank issues. This area is no exception however you can wade out a few meters in some pegs. High banking presents an access problem on some pegs although pain staking work has been carried out to gain good access and platforms have been planned for some difficult areas. Limiting the amount of gear you bring down will also be advisable. This is a wild river so there are no comfy chairs or dancing girls as yet. Boxes should be light as walks of up to 500m are in situ. Most of our NE contingent fishing the Tyne will tell you to fine down and keep it simple, dont be that guy who takes 2 hours to get his barrow up the flood embankment then gets stuck in the mud. Intensive work has been put in to make this venue accessible and as comfortable as nature will allow and is a work in progress so, for now bare with us.

During March and early April running line tactics have been the most consistent with pleasure weighs up to 23 lbs and nets of above 14 lbs are common throughout the straight over 5 hour sessions early spring. Mostly medium dace.

Mid April into May see’s pulses of quality roach increasing and dominating the venue with all year classes for average weights of 24 lbs and the occasional 40+ bag recorded.

June is just bedlam with quality roach cleaning off, some still spawning and others gaining condition. Dace are thinning out but who cares right, with weights of 30-40 lbs of quality redfins common and 60+ bags doable. I have stated this venue is probably the most consistent and best spring/summer roach venue in the UK and have heard nothing but praise from visiting anglers and happy residents so far 🙂

Expect dace and roach to be your primary target species for consistent results, although we are expecting the odd barble and possibly a few hybrids to make an appearance. Most successful methods 2019 have been waggler early-mid summer with stick in good flow conditions. Whip can be good at times and pole will score from some pegs.

Get yourself down for a few practice pleasure sessions or catch one of the knock ups advertised on Facebook page Cuningar Loop Match Fishing Group. Myself, Scott Jose and Jeff Smith are happy to give you advice, keep you updated or even take you down for a session. We look forward to some great times and stunning bags of fish 🙂

Pegs cut during Spring:

Proposed peg 14 (Mollies hole)

Proposed peg 17 (Un-named as yet)

Proposed peg 18 (Tay run)

Proposed peg 19 (Endrick shallows)

Proposed peg 20 (Andys hole)

Proposed peg 23 (Evesham)

A proper portfolio of the venue including access, aminaties, all pegs constructed and scientific projects, habitat reconstruction and bank improvements will be available after phase one completion.