Canss Scale Samples

We are looking for  one or two guys who fish regularly for Grayling to collect samples for us ,from anything you catch, Salmon ,Trout, Pike, Dace, Barble, etc and fill in info on scale envelope with a photograph of fish if possible.

These samples can tell us,age, rate of growth and  previous spawning .

Below is a diagram how and where to take samples.



Below is a Salmon scale from a 19 lb fish


A lot of information can be obtained from Salmon scales like the one above including  how long they have spent in fresh water and at sea.

Below are some diagrams  of scale samples.








If you would like to help with this study can you please let us know and we will send out scale envelopes.

Until then  you can download and print temporary ones.

CANSS Scale envelope template

Please include a picture if possible.

Any samples can be sent to

Mr J Delaney

56 Kenshaw Avenue,