2018 Raffle Prize Winners

1. Daiwa 4 pc 13 ft Wilderness Salmon Fly Rod  Donated by Daiwa Spots LTD.   D Laird

2. £30 Voucher for Glasgow Angling Centre.   J McNally

3. Concessionary Salmon permit for 2019.   A McCallie

4. Box of salmon flies.   S Thompson

5. Box of Sea trout flies.   Pat From Blantyre

6. Bottle of whisky.   J Burin

7.  Concessionary Trout permit.   P Cassey

8.  £30 Voucher for Hook In Scotland.   D Thompson

9. 6 Flying “c”‘s.   G McGloud

10. Box of Salmon flies.   C Weir

11. 15ft Lomond Salmon Fly rod 10/11  J McGowan

12.  4 sinking Devon Minnows 3 ins /15   G Wells

13. £30 voucher for Marks & Spencer.   A Carmichael

14.  Concessionary Salmon permit for 2019  . J Mcleavey

15. Box of Trout Flies.   R Livingston

16. Box of Salmon Flies,   P Madden

17. Two day permits for UCAPA  .J Delaney

18. Fenwick Trout fly rod 9ft 9 in 7/8 plus reel and flies.  R Cartwright

19. Fenwick fishing waistcoat X/L..  G Fee

20. Box of salmon Flies.   D Cartedge


The draw took place to night in Ferniegair Hall and was drawn by one of the staff at The Dogs Trust who hold dog training coarse’s in an adjacent hall.

We would like to thank Daiwa and all the others who donated prizes for this years raffle and everyone who bought tickets .

Congratulations to all the winners, we will be in contact with you shortly.

Thanks again.